Heirloom Fruits and Berries

Tis’ the season!

We have a lovely selection of heirloom fruits and berries – golden currants, tons of different varieties of raspberries, and even haskap berries. The bushes should be settling in nicely this season, and we are looking forward to a bumper harvest.

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Small Spade’s Heirloom Fruits and Berries

In our first year on the farm (2011) we planted over seventy varieties of heirloom fruit trees. Some will mature in the next five years, some will take ten, but all will be delicious! Some of our trees date back to the 1600’s! Check our blog frequently for posts about specific varieties, and their history.

An interesting fact about heirloom fruit:

Unlike beans or green peppers, the seeds of a variety like McIntosh will not produce a McIntosh tree, but rather an entirely new variety. That’s because apple tree seedlings – like humans – combine DNA from the female parent (the tree on which the apple grew) and the male parent (the tree that supplied the pollen, spread by bees, other insects or wind). This creates
an entirely new variety of apple, combining traits from both parents, which means, sadly, it may not be delicious.

To reproduce a particular variety of apple, you need to graft part of a branch off the original tree, (called scion) onto a rootstock. Every McIntosh tree ever grown was grafted from a descendant of the original tree, which is a beautiful thing to ponder. They’re immortal! Like twilight!